Groups and Workshops

Groups and Workshops

Creating groups allows something marvelous, mysterious

and at times gloriously ordinary to happen.




And The Beat Goes On is an ongoing group intended to accompany us through our lives, creating the possibility of spacious dancing support over a period of time.  We’re building a community of dancers who are willing to practice dancing deeply, playfully and seriously, seeking to expand our ability to be spontaneous, honest, responsible and real – alive in our bodies, courageous and true in our hearts and generous and receptive in our minds.  We move and dance and we also use words and other means of expression to explore and share more about ourselves. 


We’re creating a place to try things out, to play and work together, to make mistakes and discoveries.  We mess up – and mess in, dancing with our fears and fantasies, simplicities and shames, strengths and weaknesses as we find ways to be more responsible and free. We can learn, sometimes exhilaratingly quickly, sometimes painfully slowly, to accept ourselves more and to see ourselves and one another with increasing respect and pleasure.  Many of us were born into a group, most were in school in a group, and we often work or live in a group.  Many of us sometimes feel isolated from and in groups – so in ATBGO we get myriad opportunities to practice dancing in a group with all our ordinariness and extraordinariness, being challenged and supported by the tribe we create. 


Each term we begin with a weekend together, followed by five evenings.  Spaces are limited but do come up regularly.  New people are invited to join at the beginning of each term.  A commitment of two terms is required to begin, which may be extended, term by term, indefinitely. My intention is for this to be a group that can change and continue, available as an ongoing presence in our lives, enabling us to explore our relationship with ourselves, in one to one and in tribe, using the movement as our bedrock.


Please email us to get more information or register your interest to join.  Please send an email (subject: “ATBGO”) with your name and phone number(s) to



The Bridge School, Hungerford Road, London, N7 9LD.



Autumn / Winter 2016:  8-9th, 13th and 27th Oct; 10th and 17th Nov; 1st Dec

Spring 2017: 7-9th, 12th and 26th Jan; 9th and 23rd Feb; 9th March



Weekend dates: 11am - 6pm

Thursday evenings:  6.45pm - 10pm



£320 per term / £265 low income / £210 concessions per term

(minimum commitment: 2 terms)

And The Beat Goes On

With Sue Rickards





For a wonderful week in September, Sue is teaching 5 Rhythms® dance at Skyros in Greece, and there'll be a host of other activities on offer too! 

You can see Sue's profile and all the info about this week-long holiday at: 

Find all the details about the venue at:

5Rhythms® Holiday at Skyros

Greece, 4-11th September

with Sue Rickards







When did you last dance or sit by a fire long into the night?

Come congregate through the dark winter months,

as our ancestors once did in longhouses and caves;

we'll dance and shelter together in kinship and feed 

our imaginations around the hearth.


A Call to ... in the weak glow of the TV and devices for the heat and blaze of a real fire, shared stories, wild dances. with the passion of hearts fired from the feet up. Feed our dance and fire with breath and wind - call ourselves awake to the crackle and burn of our untamed creative nature.

...settle in the comfort of good company enriching our lives.. Curl up and dream by the glowing logs. Listening, sensing, catching sparks of inspiration, tending the embers.

Three weekends and two single days. The January weekend is residential and we will build and tend a blazing fire and create ceremony.

London venue: Redmond Community Centre, Kayani Ave, N4 2HF

Residential venue: Earth Spirit, Somerset, with fire ceremony, and includes food and accomodation Full price £700; Low income 650; Early bird 600 if booked by 31st August 2016

For more information email:


2016 / 2017: 12th & 13th Nov (London); 11th Dec (London); 13th - 15th Jan (residential Somerset);

5th Feb (London); 4th - 5th Mar (London)

Winter closed group with Sue Rickards - Come on baby, light your FIRE




Open Floor is a dynamic movement practice—a practice of being in your body—that ignites creativity, connection, and community.

Attending a Ground Floor Lab is the the first step for those interested in applying for Open Floor Teacher Training. 

These labs offer a chance to take an open house tour of our evolving work in Open Floor Movement Practice.  


This was a full and rich week. There will be further Labs around the world.  Check the link below.

Ground Floor Lab is not a teacher training, but rather an overview for those considering training in the future. For more information please visit: 

Open Floor Ground Floor Lab

London, March 23-27 2015 - Past

With Sue Rickards, Lucie Nerot and Nele Vandezande





We all know the feeling of finding something wonderful. It's a universal pleasure to look in wonder at a sunset or listen in wonder to an amazing piece of music. Yet in daily life our sense of wonder might go unnoticed or overlooked and our lives might seem duller or smaller because of it. This summer we can give this very simple thing - this sensation of wonder - some space. Of course we won't force anything or pretend anything. And yet if we can give some attention to this simple thing, make space for it, our relationships with ourselves and with each other can become more wonderful.

It maybe even simpler than that - perhaps we and each other are already wonderful - and this summer we might be able to strengthen our ability to notice and appreciate what is already true.

And though it might be simple, and sound simple, that doesn't mean it's nesecarily easy. It can take courage and a willingness to be messy, to see things afresh and respond afresh. To loosen some habits and to allow ourselves to be surprising to ourselves and to each other, for the wonder to come through more easily.

We know we will be in good company as we gather to explore, each of us bringing something unique to the dance floor.  For more info and booking please visit:

Bring On The Wonder

Orval, Bois Le Comte, Belgium  31st July - 5th August 2016 - Past

5 day with Sue Rickards, assisted by Frie Lavelli and Luc de Cuyper